365 Day Self Transformation Project (Formerly 90 Day) A Much Needed Break – Week 7

These last month got chaotic. I got a terrible cold for 10 days, received some negative feedback at work, got new meds for my IBS and was trying to move while prepping my house to be sold. I was stressed about staying on task to reach my goals. I also realized that much of my stress was of my own creation. I live off of my righteous anger. I would rather be stressed and riddled with anxiety than be wrong. It was a bit of an awakening for me.

I decided to take a break from the transformation work and just focus on clearing out as much self created stress as possible. I made the tight timeline to put my house on the market the week after we moved out. I can take an additional two weeks so I don’t get overwhelmed. I set incredibly lofty goals for myself, this transformation work included.

I probably should have given myself a year to reach all of the goals I set for myself. Since it’s my transformation project, I am extending to 365 days instead of 90. Goals stay the same, but now have more time to really devote to self reflection and changing my life for the better.

After recognizing that most of my stress was my own creation and devoting the time to change my perspective, I have been feeling so much happier and am able to enjoy my time with friends and family and actually be present.

In other news, although I wasn’t as dedicated to my meal prep, I weighed myself and I am officially down to 181.2! I did still track my food and ate in moderation. Despite all of the mental anguish, I have not binged since December 1!

My husband and I signed up for a 5k which falls under two of my goals – quality time with my husband and wellness. It’s on March 8. We are going to walk it and maybe in June, we will try another one but try jogging that one.

Our new place is wonderful and it was such a great decision to move. We are walking distance to Trader Joes. I am already getting about 3k more steps a day in the new place. The best thing is our new bathtub! Daily baths while reading. It is the perfect way to destress after a long day.

Hope you had a Happy Valentine’s Day! Until next week…

90 Day Transformation – Day 1 – Starting Somewhere


Oh boy, today was a doozy. I decided to first tackle my wellness so I could have more energy for the other intentions. My eating habits have been so bad over the last several months that I didn’t realize I gained over 20lbs. The weigh in and measurements quickly sent me down a shame spiral and I almost gave up. I had to remind myself that  1) I am more than just the number on the scale and 2) I am making an effort to be healthier. 

To make matters worse, I think I went through some type of junk food withdrawal. Around 10 am, I got the worst headache and it stuck around well into Day 2. Once the headache started, I got snappy with coworkers so I had to take a quick walk to reset. 

The walking helped and I powered through the day! I didn’t eat the free brownies at work and even went to the gym after work. I tried a cycling class on Youtube. Ugh, it was only 20 minutes, but was so hard and I was such a sweaty mess. Headache aside, the workout was kind of fun. 

The headache (or maybe migraine) was bad I could barely shower before bed. 

I did enjoy the food. I am trying to look at the change in diet as positive and think of all the great new food I will get to try.  It’s been several months since I had meals with so much fresh food and definitely been at least 4 months that I didn’t have some sort of processed candy at work as pick me up. Today I went with some green tea. 

Today I am grateful for forgiving coworkers, advil, and fresh food. 

90 Day Self Transformation Project – Pre-intentions


This is year has been a whirlwind. I lost my grandfather, met my husband, had several big changes at work and generally felt like I lost control of my life. Not all was bad, despite some hardships I definitely had an amazing year. I want to challenge myself, to be a stronger person and most importantly to prioritize my health. 

I have been reading so many “90 day transformation” stories and found them so inspiring. It took me hours to read through Blogilates 90 day transformation but it was so fun and EMPOWERING. If you can find the time, it’s a must read. 

I started setting these pre-intention on Monday, December 2 after work. I went to the store to get healthier food, ordered a 12 week journal on Amazon and got to setting my intentions. They maybe lofty but I wanted to aim higher and really challenge myself. I need to reprioritize my life.  This will be a block and tackle effort but I see these intentions as all interconnected .

  1. Creativity. I have been so stagnant at home. Usually I love creating new recipes, coloring, or journaling. Maybe it is the stress of work or the time change, but I just have no energy. I can barely throw a meal together. In the next 90 days, I want to 
  • Blog more 
  • Find a new hobby
  • Create new recipes 
  1. Wellness. This one is such a loaded item and will take a herculean effort.  Being healthy has been life lifelong struggle. I binge eat when stressed and have never been great about prioritizing fitness. 
  • Work out at least 5 times a week
  • Lose weight (I am not setting a goal because I tend to fixate on my weight)
  • Eat more veggies and eat no processed food
  • Monitor my food intake for IBS control
  • One self care activity a week
  • Practice gratitude everyday 
  1. Effort into my marriage. A co-worker recently told me that a marriage is what you put into it. And that really stuck with me. Our marriage is so new and I was single for most of my adult life. I want us to be set up for success and do my part. 
  • Weekly date nights
  • Take some education courses
  • Be present and listen
  1. Connection. In the past couple of years, some of my friends moved away and I drifted from others. I’d like to reconnect and would also like to connect to Colorado. I moved here nine years ago, bought a house, but never really feel like I have roots or give back. Most importantly, I want to connect on a higher spiritual basis. I attended a Unitarian service last year and I really loved it. 
  • Be an active member of a church
  • See friends more
  • Volunteer

Kind of a long list and these next 90 days will be fun and challenging and I am sure my intentions will evolve over time. Memorializing my intentions will definitely help keep me accountable.