90 Day Self Transformation Project – Day 13 – Preparation

e3c11768-464f-49e1-9739-ba55adf12ccfToday was all about preparation for the week and relaxing. I binged an entire show on Hulu while planning out Christmas gifts. It felt so incredible to have a slow day where I could just do nothing. My brain felt like mush after this week and I needed a day to unwind. 

In all of my meal plans that I researched, almost everyone suggested this sheet pan recipe. I went with some carrots, mushrooms, peppers and chicken and used a super grain base (quinoa and millet).


This is going to be a very busy week so I want to be as prepared as possible. I also wrote out all of my food for the week so I know exactly what I will generally be eating all week. 

My husband is not a huge healthy food person. Last Sunday was the first time in our entire relationship where he didn’t like my food. I even turned him into a dessert person with my strawberry cake. I tried to make a healthy version of Indo Chinese fried rice. I substituted brown rice. He ate one bite. I had to redeem myself. 

I made him my family’s jambalaya and he loved it! My pride is healed 🙂

I am grateful for Christmas, slow days and streaming services.





90 Day Self Transformation Project – Day 12 – Thoughtful Saturday

eb0aa81b-4540-4cf2-b905-10a7a852f7d6I spent a lot of time on Saturday thinking about my intentions when I first started a little less than two weeks ago, especially connection. On Friday, although I had a good time with my friend, it was a hard dinner. My friend is going through a difficult time and I am not sure how to help. 

I found it terribly hard trying to figure out the right thing to say and to not seem like I am too happy. I just want to help my friend or even fix her situation. But I can’t do that, I have to let her vent and not try to fix her situation, only she can do that. It is incredibly hard to do though especially for a meddler like me. Reconnecting means I have to be a friend and listen and not jump into solution mode. 

On a lighter note, I did rediscover oatmeal and made a delicious oatmeal bowl. I forgot how filling oatmeal is. I didn’t feel like eating again until 5 hours laters, very unlike me. Definitely, going to make more of these bowls. 

My husband and I finally got our date night. We went to dinner then to the Moscow Nutcracker Ballet. It was beautiful! And my husband actually enjoyed. I was in the Nutcracker as a child so it super nostalgic for me. I only have one more week of work until my staycation and I have so many dates planned for us. I also finally get a break from work. 

Today I am grateful for ballet, warm clothes and matcha tea. 


90 Day Transformation – Day 11 – A Highly Caffeinated Friday

351615a5-bfbb-47fa-ad88-c45c7c82ec61After a long week of work, I my boss told me to come in two hours late. However, around 8am we realized I had to be at this all day meeting. So I was stuck in a meeting from 9 until 5:30, not a super exciting day.

The meeting finally ended and I got to spend some time with a friend. My husband is just refusing to go to True Food Kitchen, even though I love it! My friend graciously agreed to go, and I had the best turkey burger ever. It was juicy and flavorful and I need a recipe. 

I made the mistake of getting a cappuccino but they had oat milk! I am obsessed with oat milk. I know it took me a while to get on the oat milk train but I am hooked. I was up until 1am watching Hulu. 

It is getting easier to make healthier eating choices. I didn’t crave sugar today which was really surprising. 

Today I am grateful for friends, my bed and comfy pjs.


90 Day Transformation – Day 9 & 10 – Catching Up

cf2cb1ba-a0d6-4324-b5df-eab1c98b19e7The week is almost over and oh boy, did it kick my butt! I worked almost 12 hours everyday this week. And I woke up this morning drained. My work life balance is so off this week. Despite how early I woke up (usually around 5am), I didn’t have time to write in addition to working out and packing my food. I need a more structured morning routine. 

I found myself scrolling through my hiking photos just wishing for some peace and needing a break.

This week was a huge test in discipline. Thankfully, I did not eat processed food. Eating clean has been a challenge especially at the office during the holiday season. I am honestly feeling so much better eating this way though. My sugar and junk food withdrawals seem to be gone. And despite being exhausted this week from work, I had energy and felt significantly more focused. 

It’s only been 10 days, but I even had a small fitness victory. My co-workers and I took a walk yesterday and usually when I talk I am gasping for breath trying to keep yesterday. Yesterday, I rambled on for a full 10 minutes without being winded. 

In the last two days, I am eternally grateful for a patient husband, laughter and clean food. 

This weekend I am going to do some serious self care, learn how to make buddha bowls and work on our holiday cards (better late than never)!

90 Day Transformation – Day 8 – One Week In

a11eef86-30f7-483d-91d1-7650e483b50dI am one week into this transformation! I set a lot of intentions and to start, I tried to focus on my health. Some days were definitely easier than others. This morning I weighed myself and was so surprised to see I lost 10lbs! I am sure it is mostly water weight but I am happy for some results, and I also lost a few inches.  I also blogged more than ever this week and finally got on a set schedule. 

I made some huge changes to my diet over the last week. Giving up processed food and candy was so hard. I have dealt with junk food withdrawals. I had some serious cravings especially when stressed at work. I also realized I do most of my emotional eating at work very mindlessly, experience sugar crashes then get more sugar. It is a vicious cycle to break.  

Looking back at the last week, I can honestly say that I enjoyed the changes in my diet. The food was still really delicious and for the most I wasn’t hungry throughout the day. I also never experienced any major sugar crashes. One major change especially since day 5, I don’t snooze as much in the morning. Usually, I snooze for about 30-45 minutes. It drives my husband crazy! Now it’s maybe 15 minutes at most.  

In the next week, while maintaining the new changes to my diet, I want to make sure I am drinking enough water and getting at least 7-8 hours of sleep. Adjusting to the new workout schedule and adding so much food prep took some time from sleep schedule. 

Today I am grateful for change, my life in general and all cats.

90 Day Transformation – Day 7 – Hungry

f68848a6-ce24-4d6e-9321-16c867df799aI struggled today. Work was so hectic. I realized how quickly it was to slip into old habits. I felt like a failure so many times yesterday. 

I woke up at 4am thinking about work and couldn’t fall back asleep. Then I spent all day staring at a computer and jumping from call to call. This felt like Day 1 again. I wanted candy most of the day. I was hungry all day and I wanted to emotionally eat my stress away. It is a tried and true habit for me.

This is how I got here, carrying unnecessary extra weight and being out of shape. I prioritized a stressful job over my health and developed unhealthy coping habits. I didn’t snack on anything unhealthy and I have no idea where that will power came. Other than constantly reminding myself that if I ate junk, I would crash and wouldn’t be able to work as late as I needed to. 

I made a commitment to reprioritizing my life so last night I took a break and went to the gym before working again. I have to develop the discipline to have some work life balance. 

Today I am grateful for this 90 day challenge and the changes it is bringing to my life. 

90 Day Transformation – Day 6 – A Set Back


0071129f-59c5-4ca4-b153-aae22b9abfe3Yesterday started with a set back. Something I ate caused an IBS flare up. I looked through my food and narrowed it down to two things: chipotle dressing from Friday’s salad or the shishito peppers from Saturday. 

So my morning (and day) plans were halted. I had to relax today which was not something I planned or wanted to do. I wanted to start this 90 day transformation at full steam and it felt like a set back. However, after some reflection, I realized to get through this 90 days, I have to be flexible and some days will be more productive than others and that’s okay.

I did get to do a slower walk around the beautiful Sloans Lake which brightened my day. Sloans Lake is my favorite park in Denver, it is less crowded, has beautiful views of the city and the mountains, and still has plenty of puppies for me to see. 

I spent most of the day watching Youtube and researching meal plans. I got an information overload, there are so many different types of meal plans. I scheduled an appointment with my primary care doc because I have no idea what is best for my body and want to make the most informed choice.  

Today I am grateful for beautiful views, slow days, and holiday music. 

90 Day Transformation – Day 5 – Weekend Warrior?

8b758bb7-c5f3-4a7d-9656-e147a0ef9314The weekend will be a difficult test. I usually drink a lot of sugary coffee, make super unhealthy breakfast choices and stay on the couch catching up on tv then rush to get any errands done in two hours and buy tons of junk food as a “treat” for grocery shopping.

This morning I tried to reset my routine. I woke up around 730, journaled, and drank some non sugary coffee, tried out a new workout from Tone It Up. It was this 30 minute booty workout and oh boy, I will be sore on Sunday. 

I finally got going early enough to get the post office. It only took a month to get this errand completed! 

I then went grocery shopping and hit up Trader Joe’s. After reading all the cool stuff Blogilates bought there, I had to check it out. There was one particular item I couldn’t wait to try, dessert hummus. I also got some kombucha as my “treat” for finally going to the post office. 

d339171a-23f8-4b49-8c6a-fb706272ee4fAnd HOLY MOTHER, you would not know it was 50 calories a serving. It taste like brownie batter. I was in heaven! The hummus is a great portion control because I have IBS so I can have  1-2 tablespoons without being in mass amount of pain.   

I had to deep clean the house this weekend and catch up on much laundry. I cleaned almost every room except the kitchen and guest bathroom and still have two loads of laundry. But I was really enjoying the LSU game so those are problems for future me.

I was nervous about the calorie tracking app. I tend to fixate on the number for the day. However, yesterday around 8pm, I was so hungry. Any time I tried weight loss before I would restrict as much as possible, and if I was hungry, I would try to ignore it completely, thinking it was just emotional eating.  Last night, I decided to test it and see how many calories I had eaten. I had only eaten 850 calories so my hunger was totally reasonable. It also explains why previous weight loss attempts didn’t last more than a month, I would restrict and restrict then start binging. 


Today I am grateful for Trader Joe’s (chocolate hummus for the win!), a working car and clean and fresh towels.

90 Day Transformation – Day 4 – Happy(ish) Friday

7bd6622c-d4bd-4b46-9a15-c6060970f83aFrom the time I woke up, I was in a terrible mood. I couldn’t pinpoint the reason. We had family in town over Thanksgiving and that usually takes all of my energy.  I was still tired and cranky despite sleeping for 8 hours. I just couldn’t work through my emotions.

I decided I would stop at Whole Foods to distract myself. I finally checked out the collagen powder section. It seems like everyone talks about how good it is for your hair and skin. I went with the matcha powder one. And it was yummy! I know I am just jumping on the oat milk bandwagon, but it is so good! I can’t wait to make some more this weekend. 

Still in a not so great mood, I ran into a coworker that I hadn’t seen it in a month and we decided to go to lunch. Getting some laughs with a friend was so helpful. This was my first time eating out since I started this transformation (only 4 days, I know) and it was hard. Especially because we went to a pub and the smell of fries was everywhere. I ended up with a steak salad. By 3pm I was starving and was starting to get one of those hungry headaches. I didn’t get all of the toppings on the salad like the candied pecans. It seems like they would have been riddled with sugar. 

At lunch, my friend and I decided to sign up for a 5k next February, so this will help with two of my intentions: connection and fitness. I am so excited! Thankfully, I packed plenty of food to help with my hungry so I ate again before going to the gym. I did one hour on the elliptical! This probably seems like a low amount but I have never done an hour. Even when I was at my fittest, I only did about 45 minutes. I am preparing myself for this 5k training. 


On a typical Friday night, I usually order take-out (Chinese food) and watch trashy shows. I still wanted the take-out feel even if I couldn’t get my usually greasy food. I got take-out from True Food in Denver and I was blown away by the flavor. The kale salad had this awesome kick to it and the sea bass was perfectly seared! I also got this hangover juice drink but could only drink about ¼ of it. It was so sweet and I was full. I made it by halfway through A Christmas Prince: the Royal Baby before falling asleep. It was cheesy and good but I was so tired from this week. 

Today I am grateful for friends, having plenty of food, and access to the internet. There are so many cute animal videos to watch when you’re in a bad mood.  

90 Day Transformation – Day 3 – Making Up Stories


I am finally caught up on blogging! Day 3 was harder. Although it started off amazing, I woke up early did some writing and got to work early. I even went to the gym before work and on my lunch break. 

I realized why I was snacking so much on vending machine food before. I never brought enough food for the entire day; definitely not enough food to have enough energy to go to the gym. So I would purchase junk for quick energy. 

This week I started packing more and more food. I never eat all of it but it’s food I love enough so when I get hungry I have plenty of healthy options to choose from.


It’s way easier to make healthier choices about food when you are intuit with how you will feel after. Recently, I was doing most of my emotional eating at work. This week has been enlightening to track what I am eating and how I feel after. 

Later in the day, I got some disappointing news at work and came home to my husband and started making up stories in my head about every little thing he said. Does anyone else every do that? Make up a story like my husband didn’t want to eat leftovers so I jumped to he doesn’t like my cooking. It sounds so ridiculous typing it out. 

I tend to leap far on assumptions when I am in a negative headspace. This is also the point where I would emotionally eat. 

Instead of binge eating, I decided to write out my “story” and feelings associated with, then pick which sections are just assumptions. That helped get off the story train and not binge eat!

I ended the day being grateful for my husband, access to healthy food, and snowy cold nights.