Fall Bucket List – Visit a Cemetery


When I was kid, after mass, my grandmother and I used would walk through the mausoleums. Many of the sites had photos of the stonework, some had a wedding photos. We would spend hours creating stories about how those people met and fun stories about their lives. It’s one of my favorite memories with my grandmother that doesn’t involve cooking.

I never really saw cemeteries as a scary place. I liked the history of visiting. It felt like a museum, peaceful and serene.

After moving to Colorado, I would learn that not a lot of people felt the same way so getting friends to join on a walk through the cemetery to visit would be really hard.

I was able to get my husband to join and we visited a couple of older cemeteries in the mountains that were used in the 18th century. So many museums are dedicated to big names throughout history so there’s something special about seeing the average person’s life through their gravestone.