90 Day Self Transformation Project – Day 12 – Thoughtful Saturday

eb0aa81b-4540-4cf2-b905-10a7a852f7d6I spent a lot of time on Saturday thinking about my intentions when I first started a little less than two weeks ago, especially connection. On Friday, although I had a good time with my friend, it was a hard dinner. My friend is going through a difficult time and I am not sure how to help. 

I found it terribly hard trying to figure out the right thing to say and to not seem like I am too happy. I just want to help my friend or even fix her situation. But I can’t do that, I have to let her vent and not try to fix her situation, only she can do that. It is incredibly hard to do though especially for a meddler like me. Reconnecting means I have to be a friend and listen and not jump into solution mode. 

On a lighter note, I did rediscover oatmeal and made a delicious oatmeal bowl. I forgot how filling oatmeal is. I didn’t feel like eating again until 5 hours laters, very unlike me. Definitely, going to make more of these bowls. 

My husband and I finally got our date night. We went to dinner then to the Moscow Nutcracker Ballet. It was beautiful! And my husband actually enjoyed. I was in the Nutcracker as a child so it super nostalgic for me. I only have one more week of work until my staycation and I have so many dates planned for us. I also finally get a break from work. 

Today I am grateful for ballet, warm clothes and matcha tea. 


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