90 Day Transformation – Day 11 – A Highly Caffeinated Friday

351615a5-bfbb-47fa-ad88-c45c7c82ec61After a long week of work, I my boss told me to come in two hours late. However, around 8am we realized I had to be at this all day meeting. So I was stuck in a meeting from 9 until 5:30, not a super exciting day.

The meeting finally ended and I got to spend some time with a friend. My husband is just refusing to go to True Food Kitchen, even though I love it! My friend graciously agreed to go, and I had the best turkey burger ever. It was juicy and flavorful and I need a recipe. 

I made the mistake of getting a cappuccino but they had oat milk! I am obsessed with oat milk. I know it took me a while to get on the oat milk train but I am hooked. I was up until 1am watching Hulu. 

It is getting easier to make healthier eating choices. I didn’t crave sugar today which was really surprising. 

Today I am grateful for friends, my bed and comfy pjs.


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