90 Day Transformation – Day 9 & 10 – Catching Up

cf2cb1ba-a0d6-4324-b5df-eab1c98b19e7The week is almost over and oh boy, did it kick my butt! I worked almost 12 hours everyday this week. And I woke up this morning drained. My work life balance is so off this week. Despite how early I woke up (usually around 5am), I didn’t have time to write in addition to working out and packing my food. I need a more structured morning routine. 

I found myself scrolling through my hiking photos just wishing for some peace and needing a break.

This week was a huge test in discipline. Thankfully, I did not eat processed food. Eating clean has been a challenge especially at the office during the holiday season. I am honestly feeling so much better eating this way though. My sugar and junk food withdrawals seem to be gone. And despite being exhausted this week from work, I had energy and felt significantly more focused. 

It’s only been 10 days, but I even had a small fitness victory. My co-workers and I took a walk yesterday and usually when I talk I am gasping for breath trying to keep yesterday. Yesterday, I rambled on for a full 10 minutes without being winded. 

In the last two days, I am eternally grateful for a patient husband, laughter and clean food. 

This weekend I am going to do some serious self care, learn how to make buddha bowls and work on our holiday cards (better late than never)!

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