90 Day Transformation – Day 8 – One Week In

a11eef86-30f7-483d-91d1-7650e483b50dI am one week into this transformation! I set a lot of intentions and to start, I tried to focus on my health. Some days were definitely easier than others. This morning I weighed myself and was so surprised to see I lost 10lbs! I am sure it is mostly water weight but I am happy for some results, and I also lost a few inches.  I also blogged more than ever this week and finally got on a set schedule. 

I made some huge changes to my diet over the last week. Giving up processed food and candy was so hard. I have dealt with junk food withdrawals. I had some serious cravings especially when stressed at work. I also realized I do most of my emotional eating at work very mindlessly, experience sugar crashes then get more sugar. It is a vicious cycle to break.  

Looking back at the last week, I can honestly say that I enjoyed the changes in my diet. The food was still really delicious and for the most I wasn’t hungry throughout the day. I also never experienced any major sugar crashes. One major change especially since day 5, I don’t snooze as much in the morning. Usually, I snooze for about 30-45 minutes. It drives my husband crazy! Now it’s maybe 15 minutes at most.  

In the next week, while maintaining the new changes to my diet, I want to make sure I am drinking enough water and getting at least 7-8 hours of sleep. Adjusting to the new workout schedule and adding so much food prep took some time from sleep schedule. 

Today I am grateful for change, my life in general and all cats.

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