90 Day Transformation – Day 7 – Hungry

f68848a6-ce24-4d6e-9321-16c867df799aI struggled today. Work was so hectic. I realized how quickly it was to slip into old habits. I felt like a failure so many times yesterday. 

I woke up at 4am thinking about work and couldn’t fall back asleep. Then I spent all day staring at a computer and jumping from call to call. This felt like Day 1 again. I wanted candy most of the day. I was hungry all day and I wanted to emotionally eat my stress away. It is a tried and true habit for me.

This is how I got here, carrying unnecessary extra weight and being out of shape. I prioritized a stressful job over my health and developed unhealthy coping habits. I didn’t snack on anything unhealthy and I have no idea where that will power came. Other than constantly reminding myself that if I ate junk, I would crash and wouldn’t be able to work as late as I needed to. 

I made a commitment to reprioritizing my life so last night I took a break and went to the gym before working again. I have to develop the discipline to have some work life balance. 

Today I am grateful for this 90 day challenge and the changes it is bringing to my life. 

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