90 Day Transformation – Day 6 – A Set Back


0071129f-59c5-4ca4-b153-aae22b9abfe3Yesterday started with a set back. Something I ate caused an IBS flare up. I looked through my food and narrowed it down to two things: chipotle dressing from Friday’s salad or the shishito peppers from Saturday. 

So my morning (and day) plans were halted. I had to relax today which was not something I planned or wanted to do. I wanted to start this 90 day transformation at full steam and it felt like a set back. However, after some reflection, I realized to get through this 90 days, I have to be flexible and some days will be more productive than others and that’s okay.

I did get to do a slower walk around the beautiful Sloans Lake which brightened my day. Sloans Lake is my favorite park in Denver, it is less crowded, has beautiful views of the city and the mountains, and still has plenty of puppies for me to see. 

I spent most of the day watching Youtube and researching meal plans. I got an information overload, there are so many different types of meal plans. I scheduled an appointment with my primary care doc because I have no idea what is best for my body and want to make the most informed choice.  

Today I am grateful for beautiful views, slow days, and holiday music. 

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