90 Day Transformation – Day 5 – Weekend Warrior?

8b758bb7-c5f3-4a7d-9656-e147a0ef9314The weekend will be a difficult test. I usually drink a lot of sugary coffee, make super unhealthy breakfast choices and stay on the couch catching up on tv then rush to get any errands done in two hours and buy tons of junk food as a “treat” for grocery shopping.

This morning I tried to reset my routine. I woke up around 730, journaled, and drank some non sugary coffee, tried out a new workout from Tone It Up. It was this 30 minute booty workout and oh boy, I will be sore on Sunday. 

I finally got going early enough to get the post office. It only took a month to get this errand completed! 

I then went grocery shopping and hit up Trader Joe’s. After reading all the cool stuff Blogilates bought there, I had to check it out. There was one particular item I couldn’t wait to try, dessert hummus. I also got some kombucha as my “treat” for finally going to the post office. 

d339171a-23f8-4b49-8c6a-fb706272ee4fAnd HOLY MOTHER, you would not know it was 50 calories a serving. It taste like brownie batter. I was in heaven! The hummus is a great portion control because I have IBS so I can have  1-2 tablespoons without being in mass amount of pain.   

I had to deep clean the house this weekend and catch up on much laundry. I cleaned almost every room except the kitchen and guest bathroom and still have two loads of laundry. But I was really enjoying the LSU game so those are problems for future me.

I was nervous about the calorie tracking app. I tend to fixate on the number for the day. However, yesterday around 8pm, I was so hungry. Any time I tried weight loss before I would restrict as much as possible, and if I was hungry, I would try to ignore it completely, thinking it was just emotional eating.  Last night, I decided to test it and see how many calories I had eaten. I had only eaten 850 calories so my hunger was totally reasonable. It also explains why previous weight loss attempts didn’t last more than a month, I would restrict and restrict then start binging. 


Today I am grateful for Trader Joe’s (chocolate hummus for the win!), a working car and clean and fresh towels.

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