90 Day Transformation – Day 4 – Happy(ish) Friday

7bd6622c-d4bd-4b46-9a15-c6060970f83aFrom the time I woke up, I was in a terrible mood. I couldn’t pinpoint the reason. We had family in town over Thanksgiving and that usually takes all of my energy.  I was still tired and cranky despite sleeping for 8 hours. I just couldn’t work through my emotions.

I decided I would stop at Whole Foods to distract myself. I finally checked out the collagen powder section. It seems like everyone talks about how good it is for your hair and skin. I went with the matcha powder one. And it was yummy! I know I am just jumping on the oat milk bandwagon, but it is so good! I can’t wait to make some more this weekend. 

Still in a not so great mood, I ran into a coworker that I hadn’t seen it in a month and we decided to go to lunch. Getting some laughs with a friend was so helpful. This was my first time eating out since I started this transformation (only 4 days, I know) and it was hard. Especially because we went to a pub and the smell of fries was everywhere. I ended up with a steak salad. By 3pm I was starving and was starting to get one of those hungry headaches. I didn’t get all of the toppings on the salad like the candied pecans. It seems like they would have been riddled with sugar. 

At lunch, my friend and I decided to sign up for a 5k next February, so this will help with two of my intentions: connection and fitness. I am so excited! Thankfully, I packed plenty of food to help with my hungry so I ate again before going to the gym. I did one hour on the elliptical! This probably seems like a low amount but I have never done an hour. Even when I was at my fittest, I only did about 45 minutes. I am preparing myself for this 5k training. 


On a typical Friday night, I usually order take-out (Chinese food) and watch trashy shows. I still wanted the take-out feel even if I couldn’t get my usually greasy food. I got take-out from True Food in Denver and I was blown away by the flavor. The kale salad had this awesome kick to it and the sea bass was perfectly seared! I also got this hangover juice drink but could only drink about ¼ of it. It was so sweet and I was full. I made it by halfway through A Christmas Prince: the Royal Baby before falling asleep. It was cheesy and good but I was so tired from this week. 

Today I am grateful for friends, having plenty of food, and access to the internet. There are so many cute animal videos to watch when you’re in a bad mood.  

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