90 Day Transformation – Day 3 – Making Up Stories


I am finally caught up on blogging! Day 3 was harder. Although it started off amazing, I woke up early did some writing and got to work early. I even went to the gym before work and on my lunch break. 

I realized why I was snacking so much on vending machine food before. I never brought enough food for the entire day; definitely not enough food to have enough energy to go to the gym. So I would purchase junk for quick energy. 

This week I started packing more and more food. I never eat all of it but it’s food I love enough so when I get hungry I have plenty of healthy options to choose from.


It’s way easier to make healthier choices about food when you are intuit with how you will feel after. Recently, I was doing most of my emotional eating at work. This week has been enlightening to track what I am eating and how I feel after. 

Later in the day, I got some disappointing news at work and came home to my husband and started making up stories in my head about every little thing he said. Does anyone else every do that? Make up a story like my husband didn’t want to eat leftovers so I jumped to he doesn’t like my cooking. It sounds so ridiculous typing it out. 

I tend to leap far on assumptions when I am in a negative headspace. This is also the point where I would emotionally eat. 

Instead of binge eating, I decided to write out my “story” and feelings associated with, then pick which sections are just assumptions. That helped get off the story train and not binge eat!

I ended the day being grateful for my husband, access to healthy food, and snowy cold nights.

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