90 Day Transformation – Day 1 – Starting Somewhere


Oh boy, today was a doozy. I decided to first tackle my wellness so I could have more energy for the other intentions. My eating habits have been so bad over the last several months that I didn’t realize I gained over 20lbs. The weigh in and measurements quickly sent me down a shame spiral and I almost gave up. I had to remind myself that  1) I am more than just the number on the scale and 2) I am making an effort to be healthier. 

To make matters worse, I think I went through some type of junk food withdrawal. Around 10 am, I got the worst headache and it stuck around well into Day 2. Once the headache started, I got snappy with coworkers so I had to take a quick walk to reset. 

The walking helped and I powered through the day! I didn’t eat the free brownies at work and even went to the gym after work. I tried a cycling class on Youtube. Ugh, it was only 20 minutes, but was so hard and I was such a sweaty mess. Headache aside, the workout was kind of fun. 

The headache (or maybe migraine) was bad I could barely shower before bed. 

I did enjoy the food. I am trying to look at the change in diet as positive and think of all the great new food I will get to try.  It’s been several months since I had meals with so much fresh food and definitely been at least 4 months that I didn’t have some sort of processed candy at work as pick me up. Today I went with some green tea. 

Today I am grateful for forgiving coworkers, advil, and fresh food. 

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