90 Day Self Transformation Project – Pre-intentions


This is year has been a whirlwind. I lost my grandfather, met my husband, had several big changes at work and generally felt like I lost control of my life. Not all was bad, despite some hardships I definitely had an amazing year. I want to challenge myself, to be a stronger person and most importantly to prioritize my health. 

I have been reading so many “90 day transformation” stories and found them so inspiring. It took me hours to read through Blogilates 90 day transformation but it was so fun and EMPOWERING. If you can find the time, it’s a must read. 

I started setting these pre-intention on Monday, December 2 after work. I went to the store to get healthier food, ordered a 12 week journal on Amazon and got to setting my intentions. They maybe lofty but I wanted to aim higher and really challenge myself. I need to reprioritize my life.  This will be a block and tackle effort but I see these intentions as all interconnected .

  1. Creativity. I have been so stagnant at home. Usually I love creating new recipes, coloring, or journaling. Maybe it is the stress of work or the time change, but I just have no energy. I can barely throw a meal together. In the next 90 days, I want to 
  • Blog more 
  • Find a new hobby
  • Create new recipes 
  1. Wellness. This one is such a loaded item and will take a herculean effort.  Being healthy has been life lifelong struggle. I binge eat when stressed and have never been great about prioritizing fitness. 
  • Work out at least 5 times a week
  • Lose weight (I am not setting a goal because I tend to fixate on my weight)
  • Eat more veggies and eat no processed food
  • Monitor my food intake for IBS control
  • One self care activity a week
  • Practice gratitude everyday 
  1. Effort into my marriage. A co-worker recently told me that a marriage is what you put into it. And that really stuck with me. Our marriage is so new and I was single for most of my adult life. I want us to be set up for success and do my part. 
  • Weekly date nights
  • Take some education courses
  • Be present and listen
  1. Connection. In the past couple of years, some of my friends moved away and I drifted from others. I’d like to reconnect and would also like to connect to Colorado. I moved here nine years ago, bought a house, but never really feel like I have roots or give back. Most importantly, I want to connect on a higher spiritual basis. I attended a Unitarian service last year and I really loved it. 
  • Be an active member of a church
  • See friends more
  • Volunteer

Kind of a long list and these next 90 days will be fun and challenging and I am sure my intentions will evolve over time. Memorializing my intentions will definitely help keep me accountable. 

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