Fall Bucket List – Corn Maze


First, Happy Halloween!

Second, last weekend, I finally went to a corn maze. And I am glad I went, Colorado became so frigid and cold on Sunday and we are finally just getting a break today.

Out of all my fall bucket list items, the corn maze was my absolute favorite and is a definite repeat. We visited the Denver Botanic Gardens Chatfield Farms one and it was so nice. We went about an hour before sunset and it was perfect. It wasn’t too crowded, there were still lots of food options.

The corn maze was clean and they had lots of options. We took the long route and deliberately tried to get lost. Someone gave me the tip that if you get lost in a corn maze to go left when you can and it did work. I am not sure I understand the logic behind but seemed like a solid tip. The photos don’t really do the maze justice. There was a great view of the mountains in the background. It was a pretty fun couple of hours and I am glad I got a bunch of sun before these two snow storms.



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