Fall Bucket List – Pumpkin Carving




I was super excited to pumpkin carve. I carved a pumpkin once about 9 years ago. I invited a couple friends over, made some chili and I thought it would be outside, but Colorado weather had other ideas. The first big snow storm hit and the yard was pretty mushy so 5 people trying to carve in my kitchen got pretty messy. It reminded me why I didn’t like pumpkin carving the last time, the mess.

It was still pretty fun and I had hopes for making a scary tree but it turned more into poor man’s demogorgon from Stranger Things.

Honestly, I don’t think I will repeat pumpkin carving, maybe I will try painting a pumpkin next year.

Also, squirrels ate most of my pumpkin in two days and surprisingly left my husband’s one completely untouched. What’s up with that, squirrels?


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