Fall Bucket List


Like most people, I LOVE fall! It’s my favorite season. In September, I started a fall bucket list. I am saving for a new car so I didn’t want the list to super expensive but did put one extravagant item.

  1. Hiking in the Aspen leaves. When I first moved to Colorado, experiencing my first drive through the fall foliage seemed so life changing. Side note, this one is a time sensitive so I have already completed. See photo above. – COMPLETED
  2. Visit a cemetery. It’s spooky and free and can always get beautiful photos. – COMPLETED
  3. Complete corn maze. I have never been and to me corn mazes always scream peak fall. COMPLETED.
  4. Apple picking and then making a pie with the apples.  I expect I will have some kind of spooky experience like Sabrina on Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.
  5. Pumpkin carving. The last time I carved a pumpkin was nine years ago. – COMPLETED
  6. Horror Movie Night. Staple for Halloween.
  7. Haunted house. This one might be difficult because I am not a fan of random strangers touching me and it seems like a lot haunted houses in Denver do grab stares.
  8. Costumes. I didn’t dress up last year as I was a little too depressed. I want to do a couple this year to make up for the loss.
  9. Pumpkin Spice Lattes. A very basic one but I have never had a PSL and feel like I am missing out.
  10. Broncos Game. Again something kind of basic but I have never been to a NFL game. It never seems worth the money. I am not a fan of seeing people hit each other. This was my husband’s suggestion and he agreed to apple picking and PSLs so compromise.
  11. Escape Room. I did an escape room as a corporate team building once. I would like to do it with people I like.
  12. Volunteer for something. I used to volunteer in the kitchen at a homeless shelter. It felt very rewarding.
  13. Attend a church service. I have been interested in attending a Unitarian church service for almost a year. Something about the cold air makes me want to attend a service.

My biggest reason for creating the list was mental health. I have been feeling so burned out with and just life that I wanted to find a couple of things a week to enjoy and spend time with my family and friends. How do you destress in the fall?

Happy Fall!

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